• Time Inc. Reaches Deal With Apple

    The ongoing battle between magazine publishers and Apple made some headway today with the announcement Time Inc. and Apple have reached a deal allowing current print-magazine subscribers to access iPad editions as part of their subscription.

    Sports Illustrated and Fortune's print-subscribers can now view the iPad editions of their subscriptions. Time Magazine subscribers were already allowed the luxury in a previous agreement. Before this deal readers were required to pay for iPad editions of the magazines regardless of their subscription status. However, despite this progress, Publishers still are not able to provide iPad only subscription plans. This means users who do not have a print-subscriptions to these magazines must pay per issue to view them on their iPad.

    The standoff between publishers and Apple, in regards to selling iPad subscriptions, stems from Apple's resistance to share information with publishers about their iPad customers according to the Wall Street Journal. This is paramount to many publishers' plan to employ the "TV Everywhere" model to magazines that cable companies have employed in response to Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. The response itself is still incredibly outdated and benefits the cable companies and publishers rather than the consumer.

    Still, selling iPad edition magazines one issue at a time goes against the long engrained business models of subscriptions that publishers have employed for years to ensure predictable quarterly and yearly profits. Apple and the publishers will likely figure something out, but the battle between the Pulpit (Apple) and the Preachers (publishers) wont end without concessions by one side. The question then becomes who is more important: the content creators or the content providers?

    Source: The Wall Street Journal
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