• Dropped Call Survey Places iPhone 4 Ahead of iPhone 3GS

    On Wednesday, ChangeWave Research published the findings of a new survey indicating that iPhone 4 users are, in fact, experiencing fewer dropped calls when compared to iPhone 3GS use. According to a statement from the group, ChangeWave conducted the survey between July 19th and 28th. Initially, the survey was to have taken place sooner, but the folks in charge decided to wait until the "Antennagate" controversy was fully absorbed by iPhone 4 users for most accurate results.

    The survey (which relies upon 213 new iPhone 4 owners) indicates that users reported fewer dropped calls than those who have similarly owned an iPhone 3GS. A survey of iPhone 3GS owners shows a 6.3 percent drop rate. Meanwhile, only just 5.2 percent of iPhone 4 owners reported dropped calls. "Despite all of the issues surrounding the antenna," Paul Carton, vice president of research with ChangeWave, said, "in actuality, iPhone 4 owners reported experiencing fewer dropped calls on the average than iPhone 3GS owners."

    Last month during the iPhone 4 "Antennagate" press conference, Steve Jobs indicated that the iPhone 4 has a slightly higher dropped call rate (no matter how minuscule) than the iPhone 3GS. But among those sampled, the results went the other way. As a result, the survey also shows that 35 percent of iPhone 4 owners are "very satisfied" with the way Apple addressed the Death Grip issue. 38 percent are "somewhat satisfied" and only 18 percent are "unsatisfied." Of course, Apple's PR black eye from the Death Grip fallout hasn't come without a price. ChangeWave Research found that 13 percent of respondents were, in total, "disappointed" with their iPhone 4. In terms of iPhone 3GS owners, only 6 percent were "disappointed."

    ChangeWave Research
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