• Water Damaged iPhone? Grab Some Rice!

    The good people at iFixYouri have published an interesting how-to guide for helping curb water damage to your iPhone after being accidentally submerged in water. According to the makers of the above video, water damaged iDevices are incredibly commonplace. But even if your iPhone takes the plunge, there's still a chance you can fix the soggy mess yourself.

    Common sense, of course, dictates that if your iPhone falls into the toilet, a lake, or any other pool of liquid, the first step is to retrieve the device as quickly as possible. The next steps, however, may not be so familiar. Once you've retrieved your handset and powered it off, pop out the SIM card. Last but not least, stick your iPhone into a bag of uncooked rice. If you have a bag with ziplock functionality, you're in good shape, as any air in the bag of rice will reduce the effectiveness of this technique.

    According to the team at iFixYouri, "if you follow the above steps and mail the water damaged iPhone we can fix it as good as new." Then again, you may not even need to send the device in. Simply wait 48 to 72 hours after your rice-drying experiment. There's a good chance that your iPhone will be back to normal and showing few signs of internal water damage. If, however, your iPhone isn't working properly, simply put the device back in the bag of rice and send it to the people at iFixYouri, a business that specializes in repairing damaged iDevices.

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