• NPD: Apple Watch Display to Cost Much More to Manufacture than Traditional Displays

    The flexible AMOLED display which is found in Apple’s upcoming smart watch is said to be among the most costly mobile device displays available on the market according to a recent report. The 1.5-inch units are said to be more expensive than the LCD displays found in the recently released iPhone 6 models.

    The Apple Watch display is currently being pegged at roughly $27.41 per unit according to market research firm NPD DisplaySearch. This is compared to the $45 per unit estimate from IHS for the 4.7-inch Retina display found in the iPhone 6. One thing to note when comparing the two prices is that the display size for each of the units differs drastically, making the smaller Apple Watch display unit way more expensive for its size. It should be noted that both costs include the display, as well as the touch modules, cover glass and the labor needed to put everything together. According to NPD manufacturing research executive, Charles Annis:

    The plastic AMOLED offers design flexibility and is very rugged.
    Much of this flexibility stems from its significantly thinner size, which is roughly 65% thinner and lighter than traditional LCD and 50% thinner and lighter than a glass-backed AMOLED display. Annis continued by stating the following:

    Apple's choice of a plastic AMOLED as the display medium for its Watch reflects not only its strategy of emphasizing quality, but also suggests increasing confidence in flexible displays as an enabling technology for wearable computers.
    Unsurprisingly, once Apple enters the OLED supply chain, the shipments of smaller OLED displays as a whole should be impacted significantly. Shipments of OLED displays which are used for smart watches have held steady at around roughly 1 million per quarter for the last year. Once Apple enters the market, this number is increase to roughly 8 million displays.

    We’ll see everything come to fruition sometime “early next year” according to Apple, with no further information given.

    Source: NPD DisplaySearch
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      Why flexible? It's in a rigid case with a sapphire cover.
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