• Apple Updates its XProtect Malware Definitions to Help Prevent iWorm Malware

    As many of you might already know, the Russian anti-virus firm Doctor Web recently discovered a piece of OS X malware known as Mac.BackDoor.iWorm that had affected roughly 17,000 machines around the world. Although the exact mechanism of infection wasn’t clear, an update to the story reveals that machines that are compromised running search queries on Reddit to obtain instructions which help command and control servers that should be used to manage the botnet. Once connected to a command and control server, the backdoor opened which was opened by the malware on the user’s system can then receive instructions to perform various malicious tasks including stealing sensitive information and spreading additional malware.

    The Cupertino California has finally stepped up and made an effort to address the threat. Apple has updated its “Xprotect” anti-malware system to help recognize two variants of the iWorm malware. Apple’s “Xprotect” has been updated to help prevent the malware from being installed on user’s machines.

    For those of you who didn’t already know, Xprotect is an anti-malware system that Apple originally introduced with OS X Snow Leopard. It helps to recognize and alert users to the presence of various iterations of malware. Since the Mac OS X is rarely targeted for malware, the malware definitions aren’t updated frequently despite users’ machines automatically checking for updates on a daily basis. Furthermore, the Xprotect system also enforces minimum version requirements on occasion for plugins that tend to prove to be the cause of vulnerabilities including Flash Player and Java.

    The efforts should help prevent some of the damage caused by the malware. If you’re one of the many infected, you need to take the proper steps to wipe iWorm from your hard drive. As mentioned in our previous article on the topic, to find out if you’re infected, navigate to the "Go > Go to Folder" from the OS X Finder menu and type in /Library/Application Support/JavaW. If OS X cannot find the folder, the computer is clear. If it is found, you’ll need to use an anti-virus program to remove iWorm.

    Source: MacRumors
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