• Nearby, a Free App to Text Your Location

    MMi member n00neimp0rtant (that's me =] ) recently released a new app on the App Store called Nearby that texts your exact location to anyone using the new in-app SMS API, even if they don't have a smartphone. It will find your current location, let you know when it is accurate enough, then form the coordinates into a Google Maps URL (bit.ly shortening is built-in and optional) and send in a text, email, or copy to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere. On iPhones (and even Android phones!) the links will open up right inside of the built-in Maps app on the phone. If you don't have a smartphone, you can even just type the URL into any Internet browser and it will display in Google Maps. It's the kind of app that's not just for a specific user group; it's for anyone who has ever been texted "Where are you?"

    A little known fact: Apple actually integrated the ability to share your location in a MMS or email into the iOS 3 software update last year; however, the process is clunky and inconvenient, and the recipient will receive an MMS with a vCard contact file rather than a simple short link. Nearby intends to be the solution to that nastiness by making location sharing an on-demand, one-tap, instantaneous operation.

    Nearby is available on the App Store right now, free of charge and supported by iAds. The support is appreciated, and it's a nice way to thank me for that other thing I've been working on! (New features are already under development, and retina display support is almost finished!)

    Click here to download right now!

    EDIT: Big thanks to the MMi crew for putting this on the front page! This will help me out so much, thanks!
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