• T-Mobile's John Legere Talks iPhone 6 Demands and Bendgate Issue

    T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere, recently sat down for an interview at the annual GeekWire Summit to talk about the recent success of Apple’s iPhone 6 lineup. He said that sales for the iPhone 6 have been “unbelievable” and even hinted that the carrier may have gained the most profit from the sales, more than any other mobile carrier. Legere stated:

    We have 15 share points which means as this game goes on, all we need to is gain X amount of share periodically. So when you get into the iPhone event, trust me, AT&T better have sold the most iPhones...but I would think relative to our size, history may end up showing that we were the biggest share-taker in the event.
    In regards to unlocked iPhones, he stated:

    It's a hard issue, because there's a major, major supply issue. I do wanna tell you though, any one of you folks, if they do appear, there's nothing that would stop you from buying a Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint device at the Apple Store and coming over and putting a T-Mobile SIM in it.
    T-Mobile didn’t carry Apple’s iPhone for the longest time but even then, consumers would purchase the devices from other carriers, unlock it and bring it over to T-Mobile to put a SIM in. So T-Mobile supported the iPhone without even actually offering it at the time. Even now, Legere stated that almost any iPhone works on T-Mobile’s network.

    Lastly, Legere also spoke about the bendgate issue regarding Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. There is lewd language in the video, so beware if you are watching the video above at work as it is uncensored. In short, Legere basically said that the bendgate problem was a silly one to say the least.

    Let me help you about bendgate or whatever it was. It's not slowing down demand. The demand for these devices in the last few weeks is unbelievable.
    Source: GeekWire
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    1. Noodles46's Avatar
      Noodles46 -
      No lie on the demand. I remember last year when the 5S came out I was able to walk into my local T-Mobile store 2 days after it was released and pick up the exact model I wanted without any notice. Could've probably went in the launch day too and picked it up if I wanted to, but with the 6 and 6 plus ah man. I can't find these any where. Luckily I preordered both so I already got them but curiousity made me ask and just no where has them and they don't know when they're getting.
    1. jigar7's Avatar
      jigar7 -
      What this f**k Legere doesn't know is that demand is relative... the supplies are low, there was chatter about low production even before the iPhone 6 launched... and is much lower than the number of units manufactured last year of the 5S.
      I hope someone comes up with proof & numbers to shut this f**ker up!

      This is what I hate about Apple... especially after Mr. Jobs passed away... their marketing strategies have been screwed up! Its like Samsung advertising 8000000000000:1 contrast ratio on newer LED TVs.

      Comparing iPhone 6 to the 1st gen iPhone... really? Its like 10-15% faster than last gen... really no upgrade there... except for the larger screen and an slightly improved camera... bad rounded design with painted backs... looks cheap! Would have loved to see the 5/5S design carried over to the 6. Oh well... The 'S' version is always a better one because they work out all the manufacturing defects by then.
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