• Demand in Apple Products Increase Among Teens, Interest in Apple Watch Tepid

    According to analyst Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray, Apple’s iPhone continues to grow in popularity amongst teenagers in the U.S. About 7,200 teens averaged at 16 years old took a survey, which asked them about future device purchasing plans. Of the teens surveyed, 67% owned an iPhone and 73% are looking at the iPhone as their next device. When the survey was given to teens in the Spring, only 61% owned iPhones- this means there’s been a 6% increase in just the last few months. This survey was given out before the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released, which means that number could potentially be even higher. It was reported that the increase in numbers for Apple came from Android switchovers.

    The survey has revealed that there has been no change in iPad ownership compared to the Spring. It it has been noted though that 60% of customers who plan on buying a tablet in the next half a year plan on purchasing an iPad Mini or iPad Air. The interest for Apple’s upcoming wearable device has decreased 1% compared to the Spring- it went from 17% to 16%. This number however, could also potentially be higher since the survey was given out before the Apple Watch was announced.

    The concept of wearing a watch for teenagers is foreign — and I think that’s part of what is reflected in that response,” said Munster. The second piece is, it’s still something that people need to hear more about, beyond what Apple has to say about it, before people get interested in it.
    Source: Re/code
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    1. peacedog's Avatar
      peacedog -
      I too think Apple Watch is going to be a dud. For as many people I know with Apple products, no one has said they wanted an Apple watch. I think the announcement 3-4 months before the actual release date is going to hurt them as well. All the buzz and excitement will have fizzled out by the time they come out.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      I don't know many nor do I see many people with 'smart watches' on. Even the Android versions are few and far between. In general, i don't think the smart watch has really taken off at all. I would like to see some sales figures. Note that NO company is bragging about numbers when it comes to their smart watch :]
    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      Then again, how many people did you see walking around with a tablet pre-iPad? New apple categories tend to be much more popular than the predecessors.
    1. Eonhpi's Avatar
      Eonhpi -
      Id never ever buy a "smart watch" screen too small

      Sent from space
    1. talkin73's Avatar
      talkin73 -
      I don't think it will be about the screen size but the experience and features. Like the iPhone I don't think most people really even conceive of what is possible with something like a smart watch. Android may not have gotten it quite right yet but I think it will be big. People who didn't used to wear watches will start wearing them for what it can do for them.
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