• EU Gets Involved with FTC's Probe Into Apple's Rejection of Flash

    If it continues to baffle you that Apple's opposition to Flash remains in the headlines, you're not alone. But when more and more big players and powerhouses join the investigation into Apple's decision to reject Flash, the story is difficult to ignore.

    It now appears European Union regulators have joined the party along with the US Federal Trade Commission in probing why Apple continues to block Adobe Flash from its iOS product line. Today, The New York Post reported the EU's alleged intervention saying that the regulators may have been involved since June in the ongoing investigation as to whether "Apple's business practices harm competition."

    European regulators have teamed with the Federal Trade Commission in probing Apple's policies for mobile software developers, The Post has learned.
    According to the report, the suspected ongoing investigation could linger on until the start of 2011. But the move on the part of the European Union comes as the EU just adopted "a new Digital Agenda" with the expressed goal of "encouraging the interoperability of technology" - something Adobe has argued for all along.

    Of course, it isn't yet clear if all these investigations will ultimately result in any significant developments or added pressure on Apple to accept the technology it continues to shun. But one thing is for sure. Apple may have moved on from Flash. But regulators have not. And, until they do, this story simply won't go away.

    New York Post
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