• Half of Apple Retail Stores Still Without iPhone 4

    The iPhone 4 supply shortage is still a major issue for Apple. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster released data gleaned from a new survey this week of Apple stores in the US. What he found is that demand for the updated 4th generation iPhone is still remarkably strong, even in the aftermath of the now subsided "Antennagate" PR disaster. In fact, roughly half of the Apple retail outlets he contacted were completely sold out of the device and required daily shipments to keep pace with demand.

    Incredibly, this reality actually represents an improvement for Apple. As reported today by Barrons, Munster noted that prior to July 10th, in-store availability of the iPhone 4 was nowhere to be found. 0 out of 20 stores contacted by Munster had the iPhone in stock. Two weeks later, the situation had only improved marginally, with 3 out of five stores contacted having the device on site.

    "We had expected near full in store availability in the U.S. by now, given it has been several weeks since the iPhone 4 U.S. launch (June 24)," Munster wrote, reminding everyone that the iPhone 4 sold nearly two million units in its first few days of release. “Given most stores we checked with indicated they are receiving daily iPhone shipments, we believe that Apple is seeing continued strong demand for iPhone 4 and we remain comfortable with our September quarter estimate of 11 million units despite the “Antennagate” PR debacle,” he added.

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