• Pricing and Preorder Info for iPad Air 2 Announced

    Moments after unveiling the iPad Air 2 models, Phil Schiller answered our two most burning questions: (1) What do they cost? and (2) When will they ship?

    Here are the answers we've been waiting for.

    The iPad Air 2 starts at $499 (Wi-Fi 16GB) and ships next week, although preorders are set to commence tomorrow, October 17th. The price points listed above are for the iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi models. 64GB model goes for $599 and the high-end 128GB model is priced at $699.

    The image below, which reveals the Wi-Fi + Cellular models pricing, confirms that the 16GB model starts at $629. The 64GB version is $729, and the 128GB monster Wi-Fi +Cellular iPad Air 2 is going for $829.

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    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      No ipod? No ipod!! No ipod... :'(
    1. bry2k2's Avatar
      bry2k2 -
      other then addtion of a 128gb model, very boring release, same hardware all over again with minor upgrade
    1. GrandMstrBud's Avatar
      GrandMstrBud -
      yeah not much new other than touch ID. If I could get maybe 600 for my air 32gb cellular model then maybe I'd upgrade it. To bad the gold didn't have an option for black front
    1. jaredb03's Avatar
      jaredb03 -
      Am i only one that thinks its ridiculous that they still offer a 16gb as the base model? I kind of feel like it is a smack in the face that the customers aren't worth an extra buck or two to give us 32gb. I personally need more than 16gb but im not spending an extra $100 for more memory.
    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      I'm still going strong with my first gen Retina display iPad and plan to do so for at least another year, but this does create a good opportunity for anyone who does want to upgrade to the Air 1 model. My mother was on a first gen iPad, which is huge and a horrible screen by today's standards, not to mention very slow. So I just picked up a refurb iPad Air 32GB model for $389 from Apple's site. Apple's refurbs are basically like brand new and carry the same 1 year warranty, so it was like picking up a new Air that would have been $600 3 days ago!
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