• Apple Announces and Releases 27-inch iMac with 5,120 by 2,880 Pixel Retina Display

    After Apple announced its new iPad lineup at the event, they announced their first Retina 27-inch 5K iMac. According to the Cupertino-based company, this screen has the highest resolution display in the world. The new desktop has 14.7 million pixels (5,120 by 2,880), which is 67% more pixels than the 4K display iMac and more than 7 times that of a normal HD display. Pricing for the new iMac starts at $2499 and has a 3.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB Fusion Drive, and AMX Radeon R9 M290X graphics.

    Apple’s new iMac is still 5mm thin, the same thinness as the previous generation iMac. The company announced that the computer will indeed begin shipping today. The non-Retina 27-inch iMac, as well as the 21.5-inch iMac starting at $1799 and $1099 respectively will still be sold at Apple.

    Will you be purchasing any of the devices announced today? Let us know in the comments below

    Source: Apple
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    1. bry2k2's Avatar
      bry2k2 -
      It'll be good for high resolution digital work but thats about it.
    1. SupaMonkey's Avatar
      SupaMonkey -
      Nice! But why TFT and not IPS?
      Anyone know where I can get the backgrounds used in the presentation? I really liked that waterfall picture!
    1. Kritzmire's Avatar
      Kritzmire -
      I'm debating whether or not to purchase one... I'm afraid what it will do to my video games...
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      This monitor is insane. I'll probably be able to afford one in 10 years (when they drop 90% in price).
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