• Apple and Lady Gaga: What's Going On Here?

    Several months ago, rumors began swirling that Apple was interested in an entirely fresh batch of star power to help push the new slate of Apple products in 2010. So far, however, the "star power" of the devices themselves have been adequate to achieve juggernaut sales and deplete international inventories on a frequent basis.

    But all signs continue to point to one unlikely pairing in Cupertino - Steve Jobs and Lady Gaga. Following reports in May that Apple executives were interested in working with Gaga to promote the forthcoming iPhone 4, those reports quickly died down when, after a while, no commercials or other marketing angles turned up involving the tech giant and the unorthodox pop superstar.

    Well, at long last we now have photographic evidence to suggest that Gaga and Apple may still be up to something. Just hours ago, the above photo was taken at 1 Infinite Loop - Apple’s headquarters. Pictured with Gaga are various Apple employees who, obviously, know a thing or two about keeping a "poker face." The notoriously secretive company still isn't letting it be known why Lady Gaga was at Apple headquarters. But it's the latest evidence yet that Apple may soon roll out a new PR scheme involving the enormously popular singer.

    9 to 5 Mac
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