• New Mac Mini Benchmarks Reveal Improved Single-Core but Slower Multi-Core Performance

    According to recently released GeekBench benchmarks, the refreshed Mac Mini appears to be seeing improved single-core performance over the previous models but decreased multi-core performance. John Poole of Primate Labs states that the upper tier Late 2012 Mac Minis which had the quad-core Ivy Bridge processors show better multi-core performance when compared to the new Late 2014 models which have dual-core Haswell processors.

    Poole continued by noting that Apple may have switched to dual-core processors in some Late 2014 Mac Minis because Haswell dual-core processors only use one socket to connect to the logic board whereas the quad-core processors tend to use different sockets. This would mean that Apple would have to design and build two separate logic boards specifically for the Mac Mini while other Macs use the same logic boards across its individual line – a move that the company decided to shy away from.

    This particular trade off didn’t exist with the previous Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors because both of its dual-core and quad-core processors used the same socket. Poole stated that another option was that Apple could have went with quad-core across its new Mac Mini line but if they chose to do this, it would have made it difficult for Apple to hit the $499 price point – a move they did not want to take.

    With all said and done, after having accounted for the decreased quad-core performance, the single-core performance of the new Mac Mini seems to be in live with the other performance jumps from Ivy Bridge to Haswell. Those of you interested in purchasing the Mac Mini can do so through Apple’s online store. The base configurations start at $499 and will be shipping in one to three days. Custom configurations obviously come with a custom price tag (based on what you choose) and will ship within three to five days.

    Are any of you going to be purchasing the new Mac Mini?

    Source: GeekBench, Primate Labs (blog) via MacRumors
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    1. cpotoso's Avatar
      cpotoso -
      Sad... I am happy I managed to get a refurb i5 2.5 GHz for only $400. Saved some cash and the RAM is not soldered. Ah! And I am not forced to use the hedious flat interface of Yosemite. Ewww.
    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      What's wrong with the Yosemite interface? I think it looks fine.
    1. klouud's Avatar
      klouud -
      Does anyone else wish that the MacMini was killed off and the ATV4 was released with an A8 chip, 2GB RAM, and 16, 32, and 64GB storage options?
    1. cpotoso's Avatar
      cpotoso -
      Quote Originally Posted by SpidermanAPV View Post
      What's wrong with the Yosemite interface? I think it looks fine.
      As anything aesthetic, it is a matter of opinion. I personally think it looks like it was designed by a 4 year old kid. Alternatively, it reminds me of x11 windows managers of the 1980's. If apple were less pedantic, they'd allow the USER to decide whether they want to use the flat or "3d" interface. At least I am quite happy with ML and will remain at ML. The day I need a new machine I will go the hackintosh route from now on (this after having purchased 1 mac pro, 5 imacs, 2 macbook airs, 2 mac minis, 2 ipads and 2 iphones... my refurb mac mini will remain my last official apple product until they act like like they respect their customer).
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