• Another iPhone Crime Ring Busted

    Organized crime? There's an iPhone for that.

    Several months ago, we first began reporting about the increasing prevalence of mobile technology in the world of organized crime - like the Italian customs agents who made international headlines earlier this year for breaking up a phony iPhone ring. Now, a similar iPhone has been busted. But this one actually involved real iPhones.

    Authorities in London have taken into custody nearly a dozen individuals allegedly involved in a conspiracy that netted thousands of "hot" - or stolen - iPhones and an ungodly number of iPhone chargers. According to London's Telegraph, a flurry of raids transpired on Wednesday, each scoring innumerable iPhones, SIM cards, fraudulent passports and more concrete evidence to suggest the existence of a massive, global criminal iPhone ring. The nine suspects taken into custody so far all ranged in age from 18 42.

    Prior to the raids, a month-long investigation had taken place that ultimately helped to identify some of the key players in the ring. "Police were called in after mobile phone company 02 watched the scam spiral out of control," the Telegraph notes, "with 1.2 million stolen through premium phone lines in July alone." Many of the stolen handsets were sold to criminals overseas for top dollar. Those involved with the ring managed to activate thousands of iPhones using fake or stolen credit cards and identities.

    "Our investigation found a crime gathering momentum," said Detective Superintendent Bob Wishart of City of London Police. "Each month more Sim cards were being used to make more phone calls to premium rate lines at more expense to the network provider. The criminal exploitation of the latest consumer technology is a recurring theme of our work."

    The London Daily Telegraph
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