• GameCenter, Proximity Sensor Fix in iOS 4.1

    Reports from users of the iOS 4.1 beta indicate that the new version will include support for GameCenter, Apple's new social gaming platform, as well as fixes for problems with Bluetooth and the proximity sensor bug. Though not documented in the beta release notes, AppleInsider is claiming that the proximity sensor behavior is much improved, with fewer incidences of the screen being activated during calls.

    According to the post by AppleInsider's Neil Hughes, there are stilll bugs in the beta 3 seed that will need to be fixed before the update can be released. However, the source Hughes talked to, who claims to have experience with the iOS 4.1 beta, say that “the proximity sensor on the iPhone 4 is far more reliable." There are also, according to this source, undocumented fixes for issues that users have had with Bluetooth connectivity.

    Probably the most significant new feature is Game Center, which is Apple's equivalent of the Xbox Live or Sony Playstation Network for iOS devices. Accounts in Game Center are created with your Apple ID, and like other social gaming platforms allows you to play online with friends and track your achievements. The Game Kit framework API provided by Apple allows devs to build Game Center support into their games, with includes features like leaderboards for scoresand player-versus-player matchmaking so that users can compete in online games one to one or in a group.

    Other changes that are being tipped by AppleInsider's source include the ability to turn spelling autocorrection off (finally!) and camera controls that move with the display when the device is rotated from portrait to landscape position. The iOS 4.1 update is expected in September.

    Source: AppleInsider
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