• Magic Trackpad? FCC Approves Mystery Device

    Apple just got FCC approval for a Bluetooth trackpad, and observers are wondering if it is the long-rumored "Magic Trackpad" wireless multi-touch device. Little can be gleaned about the gadget from the certification and test reports available on the FCC website, but a reference to a part number in a recently leaked picture suggests that it's one and the same as that purported prototype. Given that Apple is in the habit of very carefully timing its FCC applications to coincide with new product introductions, this could mean that the new device could be released in a matter of days.

    Back in February, Apple got a trademark on the name "Magic Trackpad," in a move that suggested rumors that had been around for months about a multi-touch trackpad could be coming true. No device was released, or even announced, and the rumors mostly dies away until last month, when Engadget got a hold of what it claimed were leaked pictures of the trackpad. Engadget's source also claimed that the trackpad is capable of handwriting recognition, which would be a very interesting innovation if true. Jeff Smykil over at Ars speculates that such a peripheral would be an ideal remote for a future iOS-powered Apple TV.

    As part of its traditional culture of secrecy, Apple has previously made sure that FCC approval did not come until after its new products were revealed. The iPad, for example, was announced sixty days before it got approval from the FCC, and it took six months from the announcement of the original iPhone for that device to get FCC authorization. So the expectation is that we should see this new peripheral very soon.

    Source: AppleInsider, MacRumors
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