• Amazon Announces 'Fire TV Stick' for $39 to Compete With Apple TV and Chromecast

    Amazon recently announced it’s new Fire TV Stick, similar to that of the Fire TV set top box. Consumers can access the same content as the Fire TV set-top box with the $39 new Fire TV Stick. Services including Amazon Music, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Spotify, Instant Video Service from Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more can all be accessed using the new device. Amazon is looking to compete with Apple’s Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast with the new release. Similar to the Chromecast, users plug in the media streaming stick to the HDMI port of the television.

    The Fire TV stick has 1 GB of RAM, offers a dual core processor, has 8 GB of storage, and most importantly is remote control, voice control, or smartphone controllable. Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos stated “the team has packed an unbelievable amount of power and selection into an incredible price point.” Those who are interested and are Amazon prime members, will get a $20 discount making the device just $19 (offer ends on Wednesday). The device will be available starting November 19th.

    Will you be purchasing the new Amazon Fire TV or will you be sticking with the Apple TV or Google Chromecast? Let us know in the comments below.

    Source: Amazon
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    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      If you are an Amazon Prime member like myself you can get it for 2 days only $19.99. I ordered one just for fun. Mind you it is a preorder and demand is so high I am a month out for shipping. I want it for traveling as I already have a couple ATV2's a Chromecast and a Roku for home.

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    1. mgmm1's Avatar
      mgmm1 -
      For $19, as an Amazon Prime member, it's hard to resist. I have a Roku 2 and Roku Stick. The Roku Stick is slow to load so hopefully this is faster.
    1. gldoorii's Avatar
      gldoorii -
      Yea, picked up two with my sister-in-law's Prime account. For $19 it's a no brainer. I love my Apple TV, but $19 to add Netflix to another TV is too hard to pass up. Hell, even for Plex alone it's worth it.
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