• Mac Pro Unavailable... Is a Refresh FINALLY Coming?

    Reports that Mac Pro models are suddenly out of stock in various Apple Store locations throughout North America are spurring rumors that an long-overdue refresh of the high-end workstation may be imminent. MacRumors users are checking the Apple Reserve and Pickup website, which lists either the quad-core or 8-core model - or both - as unavailable in many stores. Except for a minor speed bump in December 2009, the last time the Mac Pro was refreshed was over a year ago, when the Nehalem Xeon models were introduced.

    Since Apple often gets exclusive use of new Intel processors, it's been speculated over and over and over again that the Mac Pro may get first dibs on new Gulftown chips, but nothing has obviously come of it yet. The new chipset uses hyperthreading technology that allows each core to function as two, meaning that a dual processor Mac Pro with this chip would have twenty-four logical cores. TurboBoost redirects power from unused cores if there's no software support for that many, and overclocks on demand so long as the processors can be kept cool enough. Other potential upgrades include USB 3.0, Firewire 1600 or 3200 and support for more high-end graphics cards from ATI and NVIDIA.

    AppleInsider noted rumblings about a new Mac Pro yesterday in its coverage of the similar iMac shortages, so it's possible something may actually happen this time. Apple can't keep doing the Lucy-with-the-football game forever, I mean they have to upgrade the thing at some point. We'll just wait and see...

    Source: MacRumors
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