• Adobe Creative Suite Upgrade Breathes Life Into Mobile Authoring

    Adobe upgraded their Creative Suite to version 5.5 today and in the process improved the ability of their design products to produce web, mobile content, and interact with tablets and smartphones. The new CS5.5 will "make an impact with work for virtually any screen mobile to tablet to HD display all with one value-packed offering," according to Adobe.

    The new CS5.5 will implement the previously announced Adobe Eazel (five fingered drawing app), Adobe Nave (pictured above as a photoshop companion app), and Color Lava (morphs the iPad into a color mixing palette). The integration of the iPad may come as a surprise to those who have been following the Flash vs HTML5 feud Apple and Adobe have been having since the first iOS device came along in 2007.

    More surprisingly is the inclusion of improved HTML5 authoring. Adobe seems to be hedging their bets for the death of flash, which is a win for developers and iOS device owners. For developers, it allows them to create content that is viewable on multiple platforms with minimal retooling, or none at all.

    Magazine publishers will find more to love in the CS5.5 update as well. The immediate availability of the Professional Edition of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite will allow publishers to easily publish content to Android tablets, Blackberry Playbook, and the Apple iPad. The new publishing suite utilizes and integrates many of the production tools of InDesign CS5.5 for application on the tablet platform allowing for the easy creation and distribution of interactive and creative content. Before these tool expensive proprietary software and production methods were used to create the downloadable magazines and content tablet users are familiar with.

    Digital publishing on tablets has thus far been a surprisingly small market outside of the traditional eReader duties. While Mercedes-Benz, who was highlighted in the press release, isn't a small publisher by any means, the ability for low-cost, high-production content to be published is exciting. Skilled programmers and app designers may not benefit from these tools, but for a good chunk of the iOS development community CS5.5 has the ability to improve workflow and productivity without sacrificing production value.

    Source: Adobe
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