• Five Great Free Apps and Games for iOS - October 30th Edition [Video]

    In this post, we're going to take you through five great free games and applications for iOS from the App Store to help keep you the loop of some neat free games and applications and hey; feel free to download them and give them a try!

    If you missed our previous Five Great Free Apps and Games for iOS, you can head over to this link to read our October 23rd edition.

    1. Parcel

    First on our list this week is Parcel, a wonderful application for being able to keep track of all of your estimated delivery dates by their tracking number. Parcel supports a number of different couriers and updates your tracking information in a flash to keep you updated on when things will come. It includes a Notification Center widget for iOS 8 so that you can be notified on days when you have packages coming. When you receive a tracking number and you want to keep it with all of your other orders, you can just put it into Parcel and you'll be able to see all of your orders from one place without the hassle of going online and tracking every order one-by-one. Check it out!

    Parcel can be downloaded for free from this App Store link.

    2. RETRY

    Next up is RETRY, the new game by Rovio that attempts to be similar to Flappy Bird in that you have a very simple task avoid obstacles while flying or die. When you die, you retry. In this game, you play as an airplane pilot and you have to avoid the steep hill inclines and declines, as well as other obstacles that may be in your way. You tap and hold to fly upwards, and if you keep tapping and holding, you will eventually do a loop. You need to collect coins and land at checkpoints to save your progress in each level; otherwise, when you fail in a level, you'll be starting from the beginning again. Check it out!

    RETRY can be downloaded for free from this App Store link.

    3. Mmm Fingers

    Another game that you might want to try out is Mmm Fingers. In this game, your goal is to keep your finger from touching any of the monstrous obstacles as the platform rolls you forward through them. You have to time your moves just right to prevent touching them, or else it's game over. There are numerous different kinds of obstacles, and as you move through a level, the game gets increasingly more difficult to play. Your goal is to get the highest score that you can by traveling the furthest distance without touching the monsters. Check it out!

    Mmm Fingers can be downloaded for free from this App Store link.

    4. Inkboard

    If you're into third-party keyboards on your iOS 8 device, then you may be interested in Inkboard. This third-party keyboard allows you to draw doodles using various drawing tools, which you can then send to the recipient as an image file. A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words, and if you have the power to just draw a picture, sometimes it can be easier than trying to write something out to someone. This keyboard works with most of your social networking applications that support photo sharing. Check it out!

    Inkboard can be downloaded for free from this App Store link.

    5. Taco Bell

    This one has been around for a while, but the Taco Bell application has been recently updated with an awesome new feature that you won't want to miss if you're a Taco Bell fanatic like me. The application now lets you make orders right from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and then pick them up at your local Taco Bell later so that you don't have to wait in line for your order when you head up there. The application is also good for showing you information about the restaurant's food and exclusive offers that you can't get anywhere else. Check it out, Taco fans!

    Taco Bell can be downloaded for free from this App Store link.

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    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      Retry is evil.
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      FireSpyder -
      Taco Bell is garbage...
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      hopethemodworx -
      Taco Bell lol!? Seriously?
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