• Amazon Strikes at the Heart of iCloud with New Service

    On Tuesday, Amazon ramped up its war with Apple on cloud storage.

    The eCommerce giant and Kindle maker rolled out Prime Photos this morning, the newest benefit for Prime members.

    The service, we're told, provides free unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive. Yes, we said unlimited. And free (if you're a Prime subscriber).

    For Amazon, the timing of the announcement is brilliant. Not only is the holiday shopping season prime time for Prime subscribers, but digital photo storage zooms to yearly highs in the winter, industry data shows.

    “This time of year in particular, families are capturing thousands of photos of holiday parties, family gatherings and opening presents,” said Greg Greeley, Vice President Amazon Prime, in a news release distributed this morning. “With free unlimited photo storage, we’re providing one more reason for members to use Prime every day. Prime has always allowed members to conveniently save time and save money, and now with Prime Photos they can save memories too.”

    So... will you be saving your life story in photos on Amazon Cloud Drive Photos? If you're a Prime subscriber, the option to do so is now yours.

    Source: Amazon
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    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      If there's one service I've thought hard about joining, it's prime. They offer so much for so little...
    1. gldoorii's Avatar
      gldoorii -
      Free...with subscription. lol I love it.
    1. mgmm1's Avatar
      mgmm1 -
      I'm a Prime member so this is good news. Thanks for the article.
    1. vitaminme's Avatar
      vitaminme -
      Nothing is free lol
    1. jcrod73's Avatar
      jcrod73 -
      Quote Originally Posted by vitaminme View Post
      Nothing is free lol
      It's a free addition to those who have Prime already. I have Prime and didn't have to pay extra for this. The same goes for when they added Prime Music. Just sayin.
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