• Clever Modder Fuses Keyboard and Trackpad

    Modders will appreciate a very cool story that comes to us by way of MacStories. What we have is an especially creative modder who successfully acted on his mixed tastes in technology - that is, his fondness for the EEE keyboard but also his Mac and accompanying trackpad. The end result is a sweet fusion of sorts that is on display in these intriguing pics.

    This work of art comes from Bart Reardon of The MacBook Air Project. According to the MacStories piece, Bart endeavored to fit a MacBook Air right under an Apple keyboard and make everything a single piece. In other words - a 1.6Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM and 80GB hard drive computer inside a standard keyboard. After that, he sought to add on a Magic Trackpad next to the keyboard. According to the modder, the device “will be used much beyond internet/email….maybe as an AppleTV replacement.”

    Why a Mac Book Air, you ask?

    “As a component they are more expensive to get at but more importantly it’s about space. The nice thing about the macbook Air’s motherboard is how narrow it is. The other MacBooks have small motherboards too but they spread out at the connector end. This still makes them narrow enough to fit under a standard keyboard but that loses favor as it means you can’t get the keyboard (a desktop keyboard that is) low enough to be ergonomically comfortable.”
    This monstrosity has already been dubbed the “iKeyboard” and still requires "some adjustments and tweaks." For instance, the Trackpad antenna "interferes with the Bluetooth antenna," although a resolution to such small issues is imminent. To stay on top of The MacBook Air Project, connect with Bart on Twitter @bartreardon.

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