• UBS Global Survey Results Forecast Favorable iPhone 6 Plus Demand

    UBS recently conducted a global survey of prospective smartphone buyers which resulted in a favorable share of iPhone 6 Plus sales and strong demand in China. The survey results prompted the investment firm to raise its price target for AAPL stock, a move which may be of interest to current and prospective investors

    Analyst Steven Milunovich published the survey results which were conducted by UBS Evidence Lab. He ended up increasing his price target on shares of AAPL to $125 (up from the previous projection of $115) based on the results. According to him, the survey suggests demand for the iPhone 6 could be roughly 190 million units through December of 2015. It should be noted that a total of 4,000 respondents were polled from the US, UK, Italy and mainland China.

    The thing that surprised the analyst the most was that respondents actually stated that they preferred the iPhone 6 Plus over the iPhone 6. Demand for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus was greatest in China but even in the US more than half of the respondents claimed to be looking to purchase an iPhone 6 Plus over the regular iPhone 6. Although he doesn’t expect the iPhone 6 Plus to outsell the iPhone 6, he did say that the survey suggests demand for the iPhone 6 Plus might exceed market expectations. Comparatively, an increased demand for the 6 Plus would bode well for Apples bottom line.

    The survey also revealed that respondents were most likely to buy the 64 GB version of the iPhone, which along with the demand for the iPhone 6 Plus could help increase the average selling price for Apple. Another interesting tidbit for the survey was that almost one third of the interested iPhone buyers currently own Samsung phones. Milunovich believes that the iPhone 6 upgrade cycle could bring about significant share gains for Apple as users switch from Android devices to iOS. The survey results even pointed out that those who switch are likely to stay, even in China, as Apple had the highest overall retention rate of 84%.

    How do you feel about some of the survey results?

    Source: UBS Evidence Lab via AppleInsider
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    1. IChi1d's Avatar
      IChi1d -
      I notice when a new iphone drops developers seem to forget about the older ones. All you hear is about iphone 6. Aww well I guess it's all about the money not the people that pays for the apps they use. That's a shame.
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