• Rdio Lowers its Family Plan Subscription Prices to Match Spotify's Offerings

    Just less than one month after Spotify announced its family subscription plans, Rdio has stepped up to the plate to do the same. The company recently lowered the price of its own family plans to $5 for each extra subscriber. For those of you who didnít know, Rdio was one of the first music streaming services to launch a family subscription plan to begin with (back in 2011). It was initially restricted to 3 family members but was previously extended to five.

    The upside of going with a family plan was that you no longer had to pay the full $9.99 for each member, starting with two accounts costing at $17.99 per month while three would set the main subscriber back $22.99. Now, with the updated plans, a family of two will only pay $14.99 which means the second member gets a subscription for half the price. The new family pricing plan tiers are as follows:

    • $14.99 for a family of 2
    • $19.99 for a family of 3
    • $24.99 for a family of 4
    • $29.99 for a family of 5

    Those of you who may be wondering why one family canít just share a single subscription between multiple people probably arenít aware that music can only be played back on one device at any given time. The family subscription extends that allowing multiple family members listen to whatever they want on whichever device they want. Users also get the ability to create their own playlists.

    The subscription plans offered by Rdio and Spotify are now in line with one another, with the only differentiator being platform preference and support for certain music, ie. Taylor Swift pulling her music from Spotify due to an ongoing issue between the artist and the service.

    Source: Rdio (blog)
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