• Apple Reportedly Strikes a Deal with Samsung for Chip Production Starting Next Year

    A recently surfaced rumor points toward Apple striking a major new agreement with none other than its main rival, Samsung, where the South Korean tech giant would produce most of Apple’s custom A-series processors for the iPhone and iPad starting in 2015. The news which was detailed by The Korea Times claims that Samsung will end up becoming the “primary supplier” to Apple for processors to be used in iPhones and iPads, a move which would take back share from the competing chip manufacturer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

    This new supposed deal between Apple and Samsung is said to be worth billions of dollars which would reportedly see Samsung producing chips for the company at its plants in South Korea; Austin, Texas and a plant in New York. Samsung’s share is expected to grow even further in 2016 to 80% of Apple’s chip allocation with the remaining 20% to be taken care of by TSMC. The whole news is a bit strange because this rumor completely contradicts earlier reports which suggested that TSMC has been building up its relationship with Apple as the Cupertino California company attempts to remove Samsung from its supply chain completely.

    Up until now, rumors have pointed towards various directions as to what approach Apple may be taking in regards to its manufacturing partners and agreements. Ultimately, we’ll have to wait and see what Apple ends up doing by being patient.

    Source: The Korea Times
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    1. a2943149's Avatar
      a2943149 -
      If I was Samsung I would do what Apple do, go the furthest you can then pull out of the deal leaving them screwed and without chips.
      Apple have put Samsung through a lot of crap over the years and I wouldn't do them any favors.
      Aren't Samsung in billions of dollars in debt to Apple? Thats 1 good reason to not do business with them again.
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