• Official ProTube for YouTube App by iOS Developer Jonas Gessner Lands in the App Store

    It's official!

    The highly popular ProTube application for jailbroken iOS devices has been completely re-designed and relaunched and best of all, it doesn't require a jailbreak anymore. ProTube for YouTube by iOS developer Jonas Gessner is now available in the iOS App Store for the unbelievable price of only $1.99!

    ProTube for YouTube gives you a YouTube experience on iOS that is unparalleled by any other YouTube application on the platform's App Store. It even beats Google's official YouTube application in terms of features and design.

    As you're browsing through your subscriptions, the video previews are actually always moving with the motion of your device, using the parallax effect to its advantage. When you tap on a video to watch it, you are brought to a screen where you can see the video, read the comments, and perform actions relating to the video that you're watching.

    When you tap on the gear button, you are brought to a selection interface where you can choose the video playback quality, and even adjust the video playback speed to your liking:

    The plus button lets you create local (offline) playlists, and even add videos to your YouTube account playlist. That special little offline playlist is almost equivalent to downloading YouTube videos on your device, just like the jailbreak version of ProTube allowed you to do!

    The share button will allow you to post the video to your favorite social networks, send a link as a text message, e-mail the video, and more. The music symbol button allows you to have the video play back as only audio, rather than video, which may be preferred over a cellular network, or if you're only watch the video to hear the music in the background.

    So getting into the meat and potatoes of the application, we're sure you're very interested in the video downloading that is integrated into the application. You are basically saving YouTube videos into what's called a "local" playlist, which means that the videos are stored locally on your device so that you can watch them at any time; even when you have no Internet connection available.

    Below, we have tapped on the "Create Playlist" button from the plus button menu and created a playlist called "Jeep" because we're watching a video about Jeeps. Since we want to save the video for offline viewing, we're going to go ahead and add it to this playlist. In the last screenshot, you can see that we've enabled Airplane Mode, and although Airplane Mode has disabled all wireless connections on our iOS device, you can see that the video is still playing (it has been downloaded and stored locally):

    ProTube for YouTube also actively blocks ads and un-restricts videos that could normally not be viewed on a mobile device. The application also supports background playback, meaning you can background the application and YouTube content will continue to play even when you're in another application or you lock the device. Cool, huh?!

    At any time, you can access the sidebar in the ProTube for YouTube application and you can access all of your YouTube subscriptions, settings, your YouTube account, and much more:

    ProTube for YouTube is now better than ever in this App Store release, and being that it doesn't require a jailbreak to install anymore, it's certainly worth checking out even for those of you that have never clicked on a jailbreak button in your life. On the other hand, that's not to say that even those of you that are jailbroken can't enjoy being a part of the fun!

    If you want to check out this awesome new release, you can download ProTube for YouTube right now from this App Store link for just $1.99.

    Sources: Jonas Gessner
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    1. cypherstream's Avatar
      cypherstream -
      I purchased this after reading the article here and I have to say job well done! Well worth the $1.99 for the ability to play music playlists in bandwidth saving audio mode while running another app like Waze in the car. Really good alternative to Spotify.

      The design of the app is great too and it looks good on the 6 plus.
    1. bencjedi's Avatar
      bencjedi -
      If you want to download video from ANY application (including YouTube) get the 'Universal Video Downloader' jailbreak tweak. It works in iOS 8.1 just fine. Seems though that it encrypts the videos to the local storage, so if you use iFile to download them off your iDevice you can't play them back outside of the device. Still.. very useful for offline viewing on your iDevice.
    1. Jokadaking's Avatar
      Jokadaking -
      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post
      The jailbreak version already does work with iOS 8.

      ProTube from the App Store enables offline video viewing, ad-blocking, and background playback. Those are your main features. And they work without a jailbreak.

      If you have a jailbreak, just get the Cydia version.

      For those asking about support on the ProTube application in Cydia, where it is right now, I have received official word from the developer about the plans for the application.

      The Cydia application will not receive any new features or design changes, meaning iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 users will have to deal with the low-resolution "zoomed in" appearance. The only things the developer will support are fixes for when downloads break.

      Jonas wants to focus all of his efforts on the App Store version of ProTube, which means only the App Store version of ProTube is going to be updated regularly.
      Yea it works on ios 8 but it's not as beautiful as the app store App! It's looks outdated is what I'm trying to say

      Quote Originally Posted by novadam View Post
      Standalone Protube app in Cydia works with iOS 8.
      I know that already had installed but it doesn't perform like the app store version or the YouTube version where you can watch what you are looking for and search through other videos! This version seems outdated so let's hope he updates the cydia version to look as beautiful as the app store version that way I will not need two and three YouTube apps on my phone!
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post
      I think his plan is to keep both. Only the Cydia version will integrate with Bridge and allow importing. The App Store version is kind of a standalone product for non-jailbreakers.
      Phew! I was worried for a bit there. Protube is one of the best jailbreak apps I own. It's right up there with iFile
    1. Jj2345's Avatar
      Jj2345 -
      The animations in the Cydia version is ******,other than that it's very good.
      I have both cydia and App Store versions installed my phone
    1. Jokadaking's Avatar
      Jokadaking -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jj2345 View Post
      The animations in the Cydia version is ******,other than that it's very good.
      I have both cydia and App Store versions installed my phone
      That's my only issue. I don't want to have 15 different YouTube apps ( I'm over-exaggerating a little bit😂 ) because it seems a little unnecessary. Hopefully he can make the cydia one look like the app store version!
    1. TwinSouls's Avatar
      TwinSouls -
      Cant' blame the guy. As many jailbreakers as there are, we are still a very small percentage compared to the total amount of ios users out there so I can understand why it's not really a priority to put so much effort into a Cydia app. Now that Protube has finally made it to the App Store, I wish the developer much success. I've been using Protube for years now and choose it over the official Google app as its so damn slow.
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