• O NOES! iTunes 10 Doesn't Let You Pay For Ringtones

    People who had gotten used to making ringtones by paying Apple again for a song they'd already bought were dismayed to find that the feature had been removed from iTunes 10. MacLife's Roberto Baldwin wrote one of the first of many reports about the absence of the "Create Ringtone" option on the Store menu. However, the end-around many of us have been using for years - clipping tracks and changing .m4u extensions to .m4r - works fine with iTunes 10, so the change just seems to affect the folks who have been falling for the double-payment scam all this time.

    If you are just hearing about this scam now, my apologies. Take a look at one1's how-to right here; it's really easy and works with any song, not just ones you purchased from Apple. The only difference with iTunes 10 is that it won't work if you drag the .m4r into the iTunes Music window or the Ringtones folder. However, if you just double-click the file in the Finder, it will be appear in your Ringtones folder and be added to your iPhone at the next sync.

    Apple has given no reason for the change, though some suspect it's because the company is going to start selling ringtones itself on the iTunes store.

    Source: FSM
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