• Apple Updates iTunes Movie Trailers Page to HTML5

    Apple has rewritten the iTunes Movie Trailers page to take advantage of the HTML5 standard that it has been promoting for some time. HTML5 is Apple’s answer to Adobe’s Flash. The two companies continue to do battle over which is the superior standard.

    By updating its movie trailer page, Apple has once again asserted the benefits of HTML5 in a simple and effective way. Apple has chosen to use HTML5 over Flash because it is an open standard, and Flash makes portable devices slow and almost unusable. Flash was designed for desktop computers, unfortunately, portable device manufacturers are having problems getting it to run smoothly on their products.

    The slick new design of the iTunes Movie Trailer page makes it easy to watch movie trailers, then choose local theaters and showtimes, using Google Maps. All content on the page is accessible to every iOS device, as well as every web browser that supports HTML5. From the homepage, you are presented with a grid of different upcoming movies. Most movies get a custom-themed page that captures their tone quite nicely. You can then “Get Tickets” and the site links you to Fandango.com. If tickets are not available, you will see “Ticket Info” and be taken to the theater’s website instead.

    Earlier today, I was in a waiting room and decided to watch a few movie previews. I was only getting two bars of 3G signal on my iPhone 4, but was still able to access the iTunes Movie Trailers site without any glitches. The resolution of the previews was scaled down, but I was pleasantly surprised given the poor reception. I look forward to more websites adopting HTML5 so iPhone owners can stop seeing web pages that ask you to install Flash.

    Source: AppleInsider
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