• How to Fix iTunes 10 Vertical Stoplight Buttons

    With the release of iTunes 10, Apple has once again added an array of impressive new features to its venerable music player. Unfortunately, some users are not happy with a few of Apple’s design choices.

    First and foremost, Apple has chosen to go against its own human interface guidelines. These guidelines are rules intended to maintain a consistent look and feel across the entire operating system. Apple usually sticks to these rules religiously but not this time.

    The “close,” “minimize” and “maximize” buttons are now in a vertical orientation. This is a first for any Apple application. From a practical point of view, this change does not affect the way the buttons work, but what is remarkable about this change is the fact that Apple went against its own human interface guidelines.

    Luckily, there is an easy fix that will put the iTunes buttons back in their more-familiar horizontal orientation. You will, however, have to use the Terminal application located in the utilities folder to do this. First close iTunes 10, then open the Terminal window and type:

    defaults write com.apple.iTunes full-window -1

    Then hit return and reopen iTunes. The stoplight buttons will be in their usual place once again. I tried this myself just a moment ago, and I can tell you that it does work. Now you have your stoplight buttons back to where they should be. Now if we could just get the color back into iTunes’ once rosy cheeks. As it stands right now, iTunes 10 looks like it had a run-in with a vampire.

    Source: Cult of Mac
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