• How to Put the Color Back into iTunes 10

    Yesterday, I showed you an easy fix for getting iTunes 10 stoplight buttons back to their familiar horizontal position. Today I’ll show you how to put the color back into iTunes 10 sidebar icons.

    If you’re like me, being able to use color to stay organized is always a welcome feature. When Apple unveiled iTunes 10, new features like Ping got all of the attention. Only after the dust settled did I realize iTunes looked a little drab. Well no more!

    To restore iTunes back to its colorful roots simply follow these steps:

    1. Quit iTunes 10.
    2. In your applications folder, right click on the iTunes app and select “Show Package Contents.”
    3. Locate the “iTunes.rsrc” file and be sure to back it up (just in case) This file can be found here:
    4. Download File “iTunes10colors.zip” Here. Once you decompress it, the file contains a folder with two items: an instructions text file and the replacement “iTunes.rsrc” file.
    5. Now replace the old “iTunes.rsrc” file with the new one you just downloaded.
    6. Start up iTunes 10 and enjoy your now-retro looking music app.

    As always, when modding your software, please proceed with caution. Also, this is a Mac-only mod, for now. I tried this myself and it worked like a charm. Hopefully, Apple will come to its senses and put things right. For now, enjoy your newly colorized version of iTunes.

    Source: UNEASYsilence
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