• Apple is a Big Customer of Google AdWords

    AdAge magazine has obtained a top-secret document that sheds some light on what we all know Apple is up to - purchasing Google AdWords. This so-called leaked internal data, however, reveals a plethora of information regarding just how much money large companies - like Apple and others - actually spend with the search engine giant. And the findings may be surprising to many.

    According to the document, Apple coughs up as much as $1 million a month on Google AdWords, a reality illustrated by a one month example of Apple's investment in search-related advertisements. Needless to say, if Apple's appetite for AdWords in June (the month in which the $1 million was spent by Apple) represents an average 30 day advertising cycle for the Cupertino tech giant, Apple may be spending upwards of $12 million a year with Google.

    Of course, Apple is far from being alone in the category of big AdWords spenders. According to the AdAge report, nearly fifty companies spent better than $1 million in June. Many more spent between $500,000 and $1 million. And a whopping 357 companies spent a relatively paltry (insert sarcasm here) $100,000 to $500,000. It should be noted, however, that Google's best and biggest AdWords customer in June was Apple's good buddy and the exclusive US carrier of the iPhone, AT&T, a company that spent better than $8 million on AdWords.

    To read the full AdAge report, click here.

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