• iHome Announces the First AirPlay Capable Speaker System

    iHome, makers of the #1 selling iPod Speaker System in North America, have today announced the first AirPlay Capable speaker system. While pricing is still unannounced, the new device is expected to be released “this holiday season.” While detailed tech specs of the new system are still unannounced, we know that it will be a wireless device with a rechargeable battery capable of receiving AirPlay sources.

    AirPlay Open to Third Parties.
    AirPlay is the technology featured in iTunes 10 (and slated for the yet unreleased iOS 4.2 for iPad) that will allow users to wirelessly stream videos, music and photos to the new Apple TV and/or to AirPlay capable speakers or receivers. AirPlay replaces Apple’s previous audio-only streaming feature called AirTunes. While AirTunes only supported streaming to Apple’s own Airport Express, the new standard has been opened up to various vendors. In-fact Apple’s AirPlay website states: “AirPlay wireless technology will be fully integrated into speaker docks, AV receivers, and stereo systems from companies such as Bowers & Wilkins and Denon

    Unlike the basic functionality of AirTunes, AirPlay will also stream associated information about the music playing including: song titles, artists, album names, and track durations.

    [ iHome AirPlay Website ].
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