• Pennsylvania School District Equipping Students with iPads

    This week, the Steel Valley school board in the great state of Pennsylvania opted to accept a $291,791.70 donation from Apple that was first announced in September.

    The funding will be used to roll out a new district-wide technology plan that focuses on Apple's industry-leading iPads.

    "Superintendent Ed Wehrer said the donation, and a separate $69,921 gift from philanthropist William Campbell through his new Campbell Educational and Community Foundation, will be used to train teachers in how to use iPads in the classroom, and to buy the devices for every student," The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

    School officials say iPads will be distributed to all students during the 2015-2016 school year. Learning from the mistakes and missteps of other school districts, we're told the district will take every step possible to restrict access to inappropriate websites and content through the iPad.

    "Were excited to be working with Apple, Wehrer told the Post-Gazette.

    Source: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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    1. HovikGas's Avatar
      HovikGas -
      Hopefully they have more success than some of the other failed iPad implementation programs across the country, most notably LAUSD...
    1. iphone6969's Avatar
      iphone6969 -
      Ya what happened to LAUSD?? Apple should do that here in the city of angels L.A. !!!! Apple is just north of here!!!
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      haha^^ They already tried in the city of Angels and it failed miserably. What happens when you give a kid a book to take home? Ripped pages, writing inside of the book etc. Not all but some do this. Same with the iPad. They did things to them they were not supposed to do. Hopefully, this program can have a success story in the end.
    1. iphone6969's Avatar
      iphone6969 -
      I hope so but not all kids are doing that I think teachers are underpaid and kids needs better education what happened to California lottery money towards schools
    1. iphone6969's Avatar
      iphone6969 -
      Kids are our future
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