• Rumor: AppleTV Will Run iOS? iProd 2,1 Possibly AppleTV 2,1

    The folks over at TUAW received a tip from a developer who found a similarity between the once rumored iProd2,1, which was believed to be a new iPad device, and the new AppleTV's configuration descriptor, AppleTV2,1, while looking through the USB device configuration list in the iOS 4.2 Beta 1. If this is indeed the iProd 2,1 it could possibly be running an iOS variant or the actual iOS itself. However, this being a rumor, or more of a speculation, the iProd2,2 could be an iPad after all, but for now we will run with this concept.

    During the presentation that Jobs gave, it appeared as though the AppleTV was not running an iOS based firmware, as there was no apparent SpringBoard or Icons of such. Nonetheless, if this does indeed indicate that the AppleTV is based on iOS, then it could mean even more opportunities in the Jailbreak world, such as running Apps both official and unofficial.

    Keep in mind that the AppleTV will probably not have much room for storage, as it's intended purpose is for streaming your content from another device, so if we do manage to get our AppleTV's jailbroken, there won't be too much room to play around. Either way, we will found out later this month, as it is expected to ship late September.

    What would you want to do on a jailbroken AppleTV?
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