• Natalie Portman Reportedly Passes on Jobs Biopic

    Aaron Sorkinís Jobs biopic really seems to be experiencing a string of bad luck in regards to actors, actresses, and directors. David Fincher was the first to drop out of directing the film, then Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the main role as did Academy Award winner Christian Bale, and finally Sony dropped out of producing the film. Not long ago, it was rumored that Natalie Portman would participate in the film and play Jobsí daughter Lisa Brennan- but recent claims are saying that fell through too. News came from Variety, though no reason was given as to why Portman turned down the role.

    There is yet an actor to take on Steve Jobsí role in the film, but X-Menís Michael Fassbender has been rumored to take on the part. Nothing has been officially announced, so there has been a lot of he said she said. Seth Rogen is also supposed to participate in the film if it ever gets around to filming. Aaron Sorkin did say a few weeks back in an interview however, that an announcement is bound to be made sometime soon. The biopic has been through a ton of ups and downs since the beginning (probably more down than up), but has still been said to start filming in spring of 2015. We wonder what the next news is in regards to Sorkinís film.

    Source: Variety
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      SpiderManAPV -
      By the time this film comes out we'll just have a time machine so we can go and watch his life first hand.
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