• TaiG Jailbreak Tool Updated to Support Newly-released iOS 8.1.2

    The popular TaiG jailbreak tool for Windows has been updated to version 1.2.0 with official support for Tuesday's iOS 8.1.2 release, which was released by Apple to fix a problem with ringtones disappearing from certain devices.

    Although we warned you earlier today not to update to iOS 8.1.2 just yet because it wasn't deemed jailbreak safe, those of you that were experiencing the issue with the ringtones that want to update to fix the problem can now do so safely without losing their jailbreak completely.

    The latest version of the jailbreak tool that is compatible with iOS 8.1.2 can be downloaded from the English version of the TaiG Web site at this link, or you can follow our direct download link here.

    As the jailbreak tool hasn't changed any, you can still follow the guide we posted after the initial release of the jailbreak tool to jailbreak iOS 8.1.2. The jailbreak tool will still work the same way as the version that was intended for iOS 8.1.1.

    Sources: TaiG
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    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      Thank you TaiG you rock! This is like the jailbreaking days of old. Ok Apple it's your turn again...
    1. Dgow452's Avatar
      Dgow452 -
      I just got the ip6 with version 8.1.2
      I can't. jailbreak my phone tho I've tried taug version but not working. On my computer's links day 404 not found. Any help. I've been without jb for like three months now any ideas or help
    1. bbrks's Avatar
      bbrks -
      You need to have TaiG Version 1.2.1. What version of iTunes is installed on your computer?
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