• Did Steve Say Apple TV Will Ship Next Week?

    According to a supposed email from Steve Jobs, Apple TVs will ship by the end of this month, despite multiple reports of delays. Currently the estimated time for shipping new units is listed on the Apple Online Store as '2-3 weeks.' And furthermore, people who had paid for expedited shipping have reportedly gotten emails saying that the fee had been refunded, since they would be "unable to meet our delivery commitments. "Steve Jobs" emails are easily faked, but MacRumors says they checked out the email headers of the purported Steve Jobs email and they're confident that it's legit.

    AppleInsider had reported yesterday that Apple had sent emails to some customers who ordered the new Apple TV with expedited shipping, informing them that it is refunding the extra shipping charges due to an unspecified "delay" that would prevent them from getting the device out on schedule. "Our records indicate that when you placed your order you paid for upgraded shipping," the emails read. "Due to a delay, we may have not been able to meet our delivery commitment." The emails also promised that Apple had "processed a refund for the shipping charge on your order," suggesting that customers "contact your card-issuing bank for information on when the credit will be posted to your account."

    A MacRumors forum user emailed Steve Jobs asking about the delay. "Any update on shipment of your hobby project?" the user asked. "Looks like it will have to ship early next week for delivery before the end of this month." The reply was typical Steve Jobs:


    Sent from my iPhone
    It's not clear what the "yep" was supposed to mean. Jobs could be saying that Apple TVs would be shipped next week, or merely confirming the fact that, yep, they'd have to ship early next week if they were going to be delivered before the end of this month. Without providing any details, MacRumors writer Eric Slivka claimed that their "examination of the full headers of the email claimed to be from Jobs and the circumstances of this exchange lead us to believe that the messages are authentic."

    Source: MacRumors
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