• Avid Unveils 3rd Generation Mbox

    Mac musicians everywhere will be happy to learn that Avid has released the third generation of Mbox products. Avid has introduced a new family of Mbox products that integrates software and hardware into one elegant package. With this update, Avid continues to deliver the best professional tools for musicians on a budget.

    There are currently three models of Mbox to choose from, all of which include Pro Tools LE 8. The top of the line Pro Tools Mbox Pro sells for $899 and features up to 24-bit, 192kHz sample rates, firewire connection, a built-in guitar tuner, 8x8 simultaneous recording channels, MIDI in and out and much more.

    The middle child of the bunch, the Mbox, has a very similar set of features and sells for $679. The Mbox is a bit smaller, can only record 4x4 simultaneous channels of audio at a time and lacks the recording levels indicator.

    The little brother of the bunch, the Mbox Mini, although small in size, is not lacking in features. It sells for $399. You can only record using 2x2 audio channels at a time, but for many situations thatís all you really need. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of its bigger brothers such as the guitar tuner and firewire. It is, however, the most portable of the bunch and can easily fit into most laptop bags.

    Laptop users wanting to mix music previously had the option of using the Mbox 2 Micro. The Avid online store still carries the Mbox 2 Micro, but it is listed as ďout of stock.Ē There is no mention of a forthcoming update for this model. If Avid does decide to update this product, laptop musicians wanting the smallest possible device will still have a way to access their Pro Tools sessions on the go.

    Iíve been using the original Mbox for years now and look forward to upgrading to one of these new models. Pro Tools recording software can be daunting for beginners to learn how to use, but seasoned enthusiasts will appreciate this hardware update. Iím happy to see the Mbox continue to evolve as a product and canít wait to see what Avid comes out with next.

    Source: Avid
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