• Apple TV Orders Now Shipping with Arrival on Target for Thursday

    Late last night, many customers who preordered their new Apple TV began receiving notifications (see above) that their updated $99 product is shipping, with an estimated arrival date of September 30th. So despite earlier concerns that Apple may not meet its end-of-the-month launch deadline, it now appears that the company will successfully beat the clock this time.

    The concerns about shipping delays first arose when Apple started refunding rush delivery charges late last week, raising eyebrows about if and when the device would finally arrive. At a time when the white iPhone's infamous delay has rattled customer's faith about Apple's ability to get a product to consumers within the originally scheduled time frame, the last few hours have been a reassuring time for Apple fans who preordered earlier this month when Steve Jobs unveiled the new and improved Apple TV at Apple's annual iPod event.

    The new device is designed to radically simplify the digital media experience by removing the internal hard-drive and moving entirely to streaming content from Apple or your computer. The change in format has also allowed Apple to make the device 80% smaller. The Apple TV has moved to the A4 processor found in the iPad, iPhone 4, and new iPod Touch. As rumored, the new device also includes live streaming from Netflix, Youtube, MobileMe and Flickr, through native apps.
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