• Media <3s Apple: Study

    A new study by the Pew Research Center confirms what a lot of people already know, and Steve Jobs haters love to hate on: the media likes to write about Apple. Of 400 different technology-related stories, Pew found, about one in every six of them were about Apple, and most showed the company and its products in a favorable light. In general, the most common topic was the danger of texting while driving, with the release of the iPhone 4 the second most written-about subject. The release of the iPad was a close third.

    The study from Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism, called “When Technology Makes Headlines: The Media’s Double-Vision About the Digital Age," looked at 431 stories that were published in a wide range of sources: from The New York Times, to MSNBC.com, Rush Limbaugh and the Rome (Georgia) News-Tribune. 15% of the stories had to do with Apple, with 42% of those stories describing the company as "innovative and superior." An additional 27% were about how loyal Apple customers are. On the other side, 17% of stories were about how "Apple products don’t live up to the hype." Google, the second-most-mentioned company got good reviews in just 25%, with only 20% referring to the company "having superior, innovative products."

    Twitter and Facebook were the next most common subjects, getting 7% and 5% respectively. Microsoft, which ruled the computer industry for so long, was almost completely forgotten in 2010, with only 3% of stories talking about the software giant: less than half as many stories as Twitter, under a third as many as Google, and a mere fifth of the coverage that Apple got.

    Source: New York Times
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