• Apple TV Teardown Reveals 8GB Storage, 256MB RAM

    Repair gurus at ifixit have dissected the latest Apple TV and discovered what makes the little box tick. Apple revealed most of the technical specifications at its recent press event, but left out a few key details. Now that Apple TV is out in the wild, those missing details can finally be revealed.

    Apple did not disclose what, if any, onboard storage would be made available to the Apple TV. We now know that it ships with 8GB of onboard NAND flash storage, and that it comes with a modest 256MB of RAM. This device has the same amount of RAM as the iPad and iPod Touch. The iPhone 4 still has the most RAM of any iOS device topping out at 512MB of RAM.

    While 8GB of flash storage does seem a bit paltry at first glance, the Apple TV is designed to stream its content from a host computer and isnít designed to store large TV or movie files onboard. This amount of RAM is more than enough storage for Apps, if and when Apple decides to open an Apple TV App Store. Steve Jobs recently hinted that an App Store for Apple TV was a possibility but it would not happen until the time was right.

    Out of all the iOS devices, Apple TV bears the most resemblance internally to the iPad, including the same A4 system-on-chip package and the same Broadcom Wi-Fi chip. Also, there appears to be an empty spot on the logic board for another NAND Flash chip, possibly leaving the door open for a future model with more flash memory. Apple historically bumps up the RAM and memory of its devices before the release of new models. This empty flash memory slot points to Apple planning an intermediate upgrade, presumably if sales are strong for this new model Apple TV.

    With the release of the Apple TV, Apple continues its stance on environmental responsibility. Apple TV only uses 5.95 watts of power, and is built to be easily recyclable.

    Now that Apple TV has been released, I hope Apple moves this product out of the hobby category. Apple has a head start on set-top boxes, but completion is sure to be fierce this holiday shopping season. With strong offerings coming from Google TV and the Boxee Box, just to name a few, Apple will have to work hard to stay ahead of the pack. If Apple is going to wait until the time is right to launch an Apple TV App Store, I would suggest that the right time is before the holidays shopping season starts. At $99 an Apple TV with access to the App Store would be at the top of my must-have wish list.

    Source: ifixit
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