• Google TV to Challenge Apple TV Beginning Next Week

    On Wednesday, October 6th, the people at Logitech (in what would appear to be Apple-fashion, of course) will hold an invitation only event in New York to unveil to the media and the world beyond a new multimedia platform (first officially announced last spring) that will directly square off against Apple TV in world of hybrid television/internet entertainment.

    Next week, Logitech will introduce "Google TV," only to be similarly introduced the following week by "Sony," which will then launch the device on October 12th. Hyping the roll out, the prettied-up invitation proclaims that Google TV "will be a new experience that combines TV, the entire Web, and apps–as well as a way to search across them all.”

    From Forbes:

    Apple has delivered quality and ease of use on lots of products (though as of yet, not so much with Apple TV). Google may be wonky in some of its design, but it has partners like Sony and Logitech that understand consumers at play. Intel was also on board when the product was first announced last April, along with Best Buy.
    Logitech’s Executive VP of Products, Junien Labrousse, will lead the presentation, which could ultimately prove to be about more than just the Google TV platform. Analogous to Steve Jobs' "one more thing," next Wednesday's event could also provide an ideal occasion to unveil other forthcoming Google projects, gadgets, or platforms. Nonetheless, the main course for Logitech at their event is clearly Google TV, which will have a clear shot at living room supremacy against the freshly released - and yet to be entrenched - Apple TV.

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