• Behind the Scenes of Apple's 'The Song' Commercial Released

    For the holidays, Apple released a new ad titled “The Song” which focused on incorporating an old record using a record player and a more modern musical tool using Apple’s Mac. The ad showed a girl who found an old record her grandmother sang for her grandfather from back in the day. And as a holiday gift, the girl recorded her own voice singing the same song and turning it into a duet. A second video was recently released by Apple and it talked about how the whole thing came about.

    According to the musician in the video, Dana Williams and singer Rhiannon Giddens, a video-o-graph was used to record the singing. For those that don’t know, a voice-o-graph is a booth from the 1940s where singers were able to record their audio directly onto musical records. Williams on the other hand, used Apple’s GarageBand to record all her music. Williams stated in the video:

    "Anyone who's not tech savvy like myself can just kind of find their way around it.”

    Again, Apple successfully incorporated mentioning its own products in the second video subtly but was not over the top with it.

    Source: YouTube
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