• WATCH ABC Update on Apple TV Provides Full Episode Streaming

    An update was recently released to Apple TVís WATCH ABC app, and ABC is apparently giving viewers complete episodes just one week after the original air day. It has been noted that even users who donít have TV provider credentials to log in, will be able to access the full episodes. Before the recent update, those that wanted to watch streaming content needed to give cable TV or another type of login.

    The recent update for the WATCH ABC app has a revamped UI that gives a 'new bolder, immersive look and feel' among other changes. Some of the shows the app has includes Once Upon a Time, Modern Family, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and much more. Those who live in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Raleigh-Durham, and Fresno who login via a TV service have access to live streaming service. Other states who do the same will have streaming the next day.

    Source: ABC
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    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      This is one update that would be useful to me. We need a jailbreak for the current Gen2 ATV software.
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