• Chanel and Adidas Won't Be Controlled by Control Freak Apple

    Although all parties involved remain hush-hush on the subject, all signs point to athletic apparel titan Adidas dropping Apple's iAd platform like a bad habit. Effectively taking their ball and going home, Adidas is believed to have yanked its better-than $10 million ad campaign from Apple as a result of a criticism we've heard many times before - Apple and its executives are too controlling to comfortably work with.

    Sound familiar? Two months ago, the WSJ let the cat out of the bag that Chanel reportedly stopped all iAd-related business with Apple for the same exact reason. Although the details surrounding Chanel's withdrawal from the iAd platform are sketchy, it appears - based on a report from Business Insider - that Adidas determined the last straw came when Apple rejected a third consecutive creative concept from Adidas regarding their ad purchases.

    In addition to Apple's unusual control over the ad creation process, advertisers complain about the lack of control over and visibility into where their ads appear, lack of third-party ad serving tools, and other issues. Apple plans to open up the process once it's more comfortable with the program, but it appears some advertisers have lost their patience.
    Apple, which charges top dollar for use of the company's mobile marketing forum, is said to be exceptionally controlling of all aspects of the ad space allotted to advertisers within mobile applications. And while neither Apple or Adidas will confirm an iAd break-up of sorts, both haven't denied it either.

    Business Insider
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