• iPhone 6 Plus Subjected to Snow Burial Test on Christmas, Did it Survive?

    While many of us were home on Christmas Eve and Christmas opening our presents and spending time with our families, a brave iPhone 6 Plus spent one night buried under the snow in a test to see if the iPhone could survive the harsh temperatures of a snowy winter.

    The iPhone has temperature conditions that it can work in safely. Apple notes 32 to 95 F are safe operating conditions for an iPhone, while -4 to 113 F are safe storing conditions for an iPhone.

    YouTube user TechRax shares a video in which he buries the iPhone 6 Plus a few inches beneath the snow between some rocks on Christmas Eve and comes back the next day on Christmas after it was snowed over to excavate the iPhone and to see how it did:

    The YouTube user never did note what the temperature outside was at the time that the device was buried, although it's obvious that it was colder than 32 F since it was snowing outside.

    The iPhone 6 Plus appeared to continue to work perfectly fine even after having been laid outside under the snow overnight for approximately 15 hours. Although ice bits and tree fuzz were frozen solid to the device's skin, the user shows the display working (albeit on low brightness) and his ability to swipe through the Home Screen and answer alert notifications.

    Incredibly, the device doesn't appear to have suffered any moisture problems or temperature problems.

    Sources: YouTube
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