• Pogoplug Pro Now Includes Built-in Wi-Fi

    Pogoplug today unveiled a more sophisticated looking Pogoplug Pro model that now includes built-in Wi-Fi. Previous models required a USB dongle to have Wi-Fi connectivity. Users can now access up to four USB drives at a time and printing from the cloud is now supported as well. With this update, Pogoplug has decided to abandon the previous models pink enclosure for a more desktop friendly black and with pink accent case instead.

    Cloud-based storage couldn’t be easier using a Pogoplug Pro device. Simply attach a USB hard drive to the unit, plug it in, set up the software and you’ve got your own personal storage in the cloud. Users can then access there connected hard drives from any standard web-browser. Accessing the drive does require users go through Pogoplug servers, but this should not be a problem most of the time.

    Pogoplug has also updated their iOS app. Improvements include: background music streaming, faster app switching, background photo uploading, Pogoplug print dialog, and the usual bug fixes. Using this app you can stream music, movies, pictures and other supported files to your iOS device.

    There are other solutions for accessing files when you are away from the computer, such as streaming apps like Air Video or ZumoCast. These methods, however, require the user to leave their computers turned on in order to access files. For most users, this method works well, but some would rather leave their computers turned off and still have access to their files. Online Storage is another way to go. Sites like Dropbox are easily accessable from any computer, but users are only given 2Gb of storage with a free account.

    If you’ve ever been interested in setting up your own personal Network-attached storage system, a Pogoplug is about the easiest plug-and-play option available today. That is, until Apple decides to jump into the cloud feet-first.

    The Pogoplug Pro is available today exclusively at BestBuy stores for $99. It’s currently selling for $30 less than the original model, so I wouldn’t be surprise to see the non-pro model be discontinued in the near future.

    Source: Engadget
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