• Barclays Forecasts 150 Million FaceTime Enabled Devices

    It seems like almost every financial institution is raising its price target on shares of Apple these days. Naturally, British bank Barclays Capital is no different and this morning they raised (once again) their price target on shares of Apple all the way up to $385 per share. The logic presented was analogous to the rationale cited by other banks which have similarly forecast a steady spike in the value of Apple stock: the company's products are strong, popular, and not going away any time soon.

    Perhaps more interesting to most than the new price target for Apple stock is the estimation from Barclays that, within the next two years, Apple may have successfully constructed a network of FaceTime users that exceeds 150 million enabled FaceTime devices. "We are raising our estimates and target for Apple to reflect our view that the company is seeing strong demand not only for the iPad and the iPhone 4 but also for Macs and new iPods," wrote Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes. "Long-term, we are excited about Apple’s potential to grow via networked devices through FaceTime, which we expect to be enabled on all Apple devices over time."

    Although it sounds futuristic and difficult to comprehend for many, Reitzes envisions a world where Apple's enormous fan base of college students ushers in an era where entire school communities campus-wide will communicate regularly via FaceTime for either social or academic purposes - if not both. "In [fiscal 2012]," writes Reitzes, "we see that figure jumping to an installed base of over 150 million FaceTime enabled devices, which could prove conservative if FaceTime is put in all iPads and all Macs."

    Source: Wall Street Journal
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