• Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Sneak Peek Next Week

    Apple has gotten very predictable in how it schedules its rollouts, with new iPhones being released during the summer, new iPods and Macs in separate Fall events. And like clockwork, Apple just announced it will hold a media event called "Back to the Mac" on October 20 to let us know "what's new for Mac," as well as "a sneak peek of the next major version of Mac OS X." Since the graphic for the event shows a lion peeking out from behind a tilted Apple logo, it's probably safe to assume that Mac OS X 10.7 will be known as Lion.

    Not much is known about what might be announced for 10.7, which has been appearing with increasing frequency in web server logs over the past year. Rumors that 10.7 would require apps to be signed with an Apple root certificate - effectively 'jailing' Mac OS X and creating a desktop App Store - were denied by Steve Jobs. There has also been some buzz about a revolutionary new feature, "something that has never been done before and will truly amaze everyone," referred to in a job listing Apple posted a few months ago. Though the details about the change in the "very foundations" of Mac OS X were left vague in the listing, the software engineer Apple was searching for needed experience with Internet technologies and services, and especially "up close and personal experience with the HTTP protocol as well as other protocols layered atop it."

    Of course, many observers will be looking to see if the long-rumored 11-inch MacBook Air shows any sign of actually being released. Fall is the traditional time for new Mac announcements, and the Air hasn't seen a refresh in over a year. The supposed "mini" Air, which is claimed to be manufactured by Quanta Computer and feature a 32nm Intel Core processor, has been talked about for months, and may well be announced next week… if it's not total vapor, that is.

    The event will be held a week from today on Apple's Cupertino campus at One Infinite Loop.

    Source: LoopInsight
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